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Released: 19th January 2012
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Ben and Richard’s revealing interview with RNC boss Sheila Tallon; British Asian Haroon checks out ethnicity at RNC; Kerri-Ann’s top tips on what to wear for fifty quid; Dan gives the low down on the college catwalk; Ryan sounds out your Top Five tracks; Aliya quizzes footy coach Aaron on the Girl’s Team; and Justine gives a candid insight into life as a lesbian.

There’s a load of Festival Fare recipes – Kerri-Ann reveals what she’s cooking for Christmas. And finally who’s who? Find out who’s contributed to this issue of eyesover!


Remembrance Day was celebrated at the RNC this year

What’s the connection between Edward Thomas, Ivor Guerney and Robert Frost?

iPhone Disasters

How do you dry your iPhone after you’ve dropped it in the dog’s water bowl?

Ben says: “Place it in a bag of rice.” It’ll soon dry out.

A to Z

Artic Monkeys to U2~? Or Affirmation to Westryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum?

How do you organize your music collection?

News & Gossip

Ethnicity and the RNC

Haroon spoke to Rachel Beaumont about Equality and Diversity

“Last year we had events going on throughout the year to celebrate different festivals,” says Rachel. “For Dewali (the Festival of Light) we had a craft day and for Chinese New Year we had Chinese food here on the evening which students could try.

“They had a Rag Week with a chosen charity and the aim of increasing awareness of poverty in the world. An aid worker from Ghana came in as a guest speaker and another aid worker came in to talk about staple diets and sustainable diets. We ran many functions in this week including a sports day and a sale.”

These events were set up by the Equality and Diversity Steering Group which is formed by Mark Fisher and on which Rachel is a nominated member of staff. The objective of the group is to ensure that Equality standards at the college are upheld at all times. The group arranges promotional events throughout the year.

The college has such a wide ethnic and cultural mix because the catchment area is so big in terms of inner city London, the North and even international students. Inevitably there will be challenges with so many different cultures and ethnicities in one place, but if so they are quickly addressed and can be learning experiences.

Having such a diverse student group is generally a very positive aspect of college life. It enables students and staff to develop understanding of other people’s values and experiences.

A book has been produced by the Equality and Diversity Steering Group in order to highlight festivals and events marked throughout the year and organised by the group. This book is available in classrooms and on request.

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Principal Sheila Tallon Spills the Beans

Ben Rendle and Richard Howarth interview College Principal Sheila Tallon for her views

Sheila Tallon has been the Principal of the college since September 2011. Before this she was the Vice Principal. She gained the post of Principal after Geoffrey Draper left in the summer. We discovered that her father is blind and has a medical condition called corneal dystrophy. She told us that it runs in her family, so the idea of being with lots of blind people wasn’t completely alien but still a new experience all the same.

We asked her, what impression did she gain when she first visited the college? She said: “When I came to look around it seemed really spacious and I couldn’t believe that I could walk down the corridor without being squashed.”

We then went on to ask how she had found becoming Principal. She told us that she originally went for the role of Vice Principal because she was still interested in teaching and didn’t want to be taken away from what the college is all about. When Sheila was asked to be Principal, she gladly accepted the role because she wanted the college to carry on as normal. She told us that as Principal what she wants to concentrate on is doing more of what the college is good at.

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Food & Drink

Festive Fare

Aliya is an African Muslim. She offers us this recipe for Eid


Fry the onions in the olive oil until they are soft and brown; drain the kidney beans and then add to the onions; add the coconut milk a bit at a time and allow it to simmer for ten minutes. Season with salt and pepper and serve it hot.

Serve with mahumbry (a sweet, puffed out, triangular piece of bread, around the size of the palm of your hand).

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Fashion & Beauty

Fabulous Hair

Fashion conscious Kerri-Ann only takes two hours to do her hair every morning

Here are the top hair products this season, available from Superdrug, Body Shop and lookfantastic.com

Must have this season for those last minute rushes when you don’t have time to spend hours on your hair, use Batiste Dry Shampoo for those on the go times.

John Frieda Colour Renew Shampoo, £5.49 from Superdrug.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, £1 from Superdrug.
Andrew Collinge Heat Defence Salon Styling Spray, £4.29 from Superdrug.
Studio Line Silk and Gloss Curl Moose, £3.65 from Superdrug.
Batiste Dry Shampoo, £3 from Superdrug.
The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine, £4.85 from Body Shop.
Label.M Resurrection Dust, £10 from Lookfantastic.com

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Fashion on fifty quid?

Kerri-Ann is giving us tips and styles that are in this season along with an outfit which you can have in your wardrobe for just £50 from our fabulous High Street store New Look

Ladies Fashion

Ok, ok, we all know animal print is the print of the season – it’s hard to miss out there on the high street. So as our outfit for this season we had to include animal print into our day outfit.

By pairing ruby red satin blouse with leopard print pencil skirt, it tones down the two statement pieces, making it wearable for the office. We Love!
The items are in more detail below.

Lovely Ruby Red Satin Two Pocket Blouse, which costs £12.99.
Leopard Print Patterned Pencil Skirt, costing £19.99.
Black Satin Peep Toe Heels, which cost £12.99.

Top trends this season:
Jewel Colours, Knits and Florals, Faux Fur and Metallic Jeans.

Top styles this season:
Cape Coat, Socks and Shoes, Navajo Wraps, Patterned Pencil Skirts, Pussybow Tops, Wide Leg Trousers, Gilet and Lastly Glitter Heels.

For the men

Kerri-Ann is giving us tips on styles that are in this season along with an outfit which you can have in your wardrobe for almost £50 from our fabulous high street store ‘New Look’.

Try putting two different statement colours together. They seem to work well. Take a look at our must-have season outfit. Chinos and chukka shoes are must-have this season. We Love!
The items are in more detail below.

Purple Wide Notch Neck Tee, which is a bargain at £5.99.
Orange Skinny Chino’s, is costing £24.99.
Low Chukka Shoes, which cost £22.99.

Top styles this season:
Skinny Chinos, Notch Neck Tee, Logo T-Shirts, Cable Crew Neck Jumper, Gilet, Cuffed Jeans, Knitted Cardigans, Plimsolls, Leather Shoes and the must have trainers this season are HI Top Trainers.

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Out and proud

By Justine

When I was younger, I always dated guys, and even married one. However, I knew there was something different but couldn’t pinpoint it. I became very attracted to women, but thought it was just a close friendship. Looking back though, I always wanted to spend time with them and often thought about the women in question.

In 2001, at the age of 30, I became very attracted to a female friend and decided I needed to explore my feelings further. I ended my relationship with my male partner, begun counselling to explore my feelings for women and came out with a bang! I attended support groups for lesbian women and began meeting other lesbians. I was fortunate that I lived in London so there was a lot of support available.

I met my first partner through a group for disabled lesbian and bi women called Gemma. When we split up because of the long distance, I began using internet dating sites to try and meet women. That proved difficult in many ways. I always mentioned that I’m blind, as potential dates would find out anyway. My family thought it was “just a phase” I was going through at first, but soon realised that I was serious and that I did identify as a lesbian. Attending my first Gay Pride in London was great fun, and I felt part of a community and fully accepted.

I’ve had several female partners over the years and met my current partner in Brighton through a mutual visually impaired friend. We had a civil partnership ceremony in May 2010 and shortly afterwards, moved to Wales to be close to her family.

Since starting at the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) this year, I’ve been accepted as a lesbian student. It’s not something I brag about as soon as I meet someone, but at the same time, I am able to be open about my sexuality and am comfortable with who I am.

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Music & Dance

The students’ Top Five

Ryan gives an insight on the five most played tracks in the student bar

1. Cascada - Every Time We Touch
2. Ed Sheeran - The A Team
3. Jason Derulo - It Girl
4. Pixie Lott - All About Tonight
5. The Wanted - Glad You Came

I believe that the urban-pop genre that all bar one track fall under is hugely popular across Britain and has been for the majority of the past four years. It shows that the students from the Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) in Hereford accurately reflect the scene across Britain.

The most surprising track included in the top 5 was Cascada’s Every Time We Touch. While the other tracks have all been released in the last two years, this track was released in August 2005, meaning that the song is over five years older than any of the other ranked tracks.

Every Time We Touch remains Cascada’s most successful release, peaking at Number Two in it’s second week after its British release and remaining in the UK charts for 17 weeks. The surprising thing that most fans of the track are unlikely to know is that the band are originally from Bonn, Germany. With the age-old rivalry between England and Germany, would so many UK fans have bought this track?

The top five also portrays an accurate reflection of the majority of current tastes across Britain, something that is easy to believe when considering that the College holds students from across Britain.

Without a ranking of the tracks, I am unable to delve deeper into the rankings to make further considerations, but I am willing to state that RNC shall continue to reflect the music scene across Britain in the foreseeable future.

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Girls’ footy

After coming fourth in the Futsal League last year, things are looking up for the team, says Aliya

Last year the College had a girls’ football team which played five league games. During one of their games they triumphed!

The team started in 2011. “It was just something to do for fun at first,” says coach Aaron Ford, “but the girls showed promise and unity. Quite quickly they blossomed into a team.”

Last year they trained just one day a week on Thursdays. Belle Skinner who was in the team last year told me the boys had more training and more matches. “The girls’ team needs to be noticed more because unfortunately, we haven’t got enough girls to have a proper team this year.”

But, says Aaron, things are going to be different. “It will be a weekly, timetabled session working towards developing a girl’s football academy just as the boys have.”

Want to get in on the kick off?
Call Aaron on:
Mobile: 07799117323
Or email him at: aaron.ford@rncb.ac.uk

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Who's Who?

D.P.? - Digital Presence

Kerri-Ann Hartgen

Kerri-Ann Hartgen comes from St Helens, famous for its glass works and its rugby team, Rugby Leagues’s the Saints. She’s doing health and social care and in ten years time she’d like to be working with 0 to 5 year olds who have a visual impairment. DP: She’s on Facebook.
Star sign: Pisces

Richard Howarth

Eighteen year old Richard Howarth, who did sound recording last year, is now doing radio and performing arts. So what’s his Top Three favourite radio stations? Radio 2, Radio 1 and Radio 3! He’s been our digital wizard and naturally in ten years time he hopes to be radio, presenting, producing or engineering. DP: Look at this lot:
Star sign: Pisces

Len Rendle

“I’m two years old and a black labrador retriever called Len. I’ve come from a lot of different places, but most recently from Atherton, Wigan. In ten years time I’d like to be in retirement. ” This well travelled dog is believed to have allegiances to Wigan Athletic although his owner disapproves of this. DP:
Star sign: Capricorn

Haroon Rashid

If Haroon Rashid was falling into the canal in his Mosely home town Haroon would make sure he saved his phone. It’s only an old Nokia 73, but it’s his most precious tool. Haroon, who describes himself as a British Pakistani who also happens to be a Brummie has his sights set on computer forensics and journalism.
DP: Facebook, Twitter and Hotmail. Star sign: Cancer

Ben Rendle

Ben Rendle is from Wigan, Manchester. He was born in Oldham. Hereford, he says, is a very nice place.
He began Twittering on February 4th 2009. In ten years time he hopes to be working in the media industry.
DP: Facebook, Twitter and blog:
http://www.facebook.com/radiodjben Star sign: Leo

Ryan Simões-Hibberd

Ryan Simões-hibberd at twenty two doesn’t think of himself as old: “It’s just everyone else at college is young.”
What’s most important to him: mobile phone, TV, radio or laptop? “My laptop.”
Best bit of software ever invented? “Jaws.”
DP: Facebook. Star sign: Virgo.

Aliya Thany

Aliya Thany comes from London and her family is from Somalia. She’s just turned 20 and is a Sagittarius which means she has a positive outlook on life, is full of energy, adventurous and loves travelling. What does she hope to become when she’s 30? She hasn’t decided yet but we expect it to be something very interesting!
DP: “I’ve no time.”
Star sign: Sagittarius

Dan Townsend

Dan Townsend comes from Moretonhampstead in Devon and he’s studying performing arts and the media.
“Performing arts is what I aspire to do,” he says. And given a choice between a part on a West End stage or at the Edinburgh fringe, he’d choose the Fringe.
Star sign: Aries.

Bill Laws

Bill Laws is the journalist who has helped to bring Eyesover together. Bill’s also a busker. He plays saxophone and likes Sydney Bechet. Recently he wrote a book called Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History.
Star sign: Aries.

Natalie Putt

Natalie Putt, 21, comes from High Wycombe, which is (only a little bit) famous for chairs. Much more interesting is that her neighbours, when she was growing up, were called Sharon, Ozzie, Kelly and Jack Osborne. Yes! Them! “They were quite nice,” she says, “and had loads of dogs.” So where’s Natalie planning to be in ten years time? “Living in Cardiff holding down a steady job with the Dr. Who team.”
DP? Facebook and Twitter-ish.

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